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Since Ban Don Market is an economic center, trade, transport, and education center, the design of Kanut House cafe is the intention between the designer and the project owner. We need Muang Surat Thani District (Ban Don) to have a cool look and cool design suitable for all lifestyles, all age groups, family, friends, girlfriend, sibling, hangout area. Including relatives bringing their parents to eat during the long holidays and upgrading the city with a variety of designs, cultural design guidelines, recruiting jobs, wanting children who graduated to return to create jobs, create more careers, work at home. In the design, the customer would want a luxurious curved glass house, minimalist with black color. We used the curvature of the spaces in our design to add height and feel the space, not to look solid, as a key element in the design, like the arch, the main tool of our store, comes from the façade. Materials used in the building It is a commonly seen material. View more View full description
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