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In the middle of a studio visit, a collector suddenly pointed to one of my small - fits in your hand- paper models and asked “What is this?”. I excitedly started rhyming “It’s...It’s Chapel for an apple! You know? It can be 20 feet tall on a hill and fully made of steel!”. Fast forward 3 months and we were in Hudson NY installing Chapel For An Apple’s 5,000 pounds of steel with a crane. That initial paper model was, in the spirit of my instinctual impulse drawings, an experiment in shapes, colors and volume. It had no function or scale but I stayed true to a lot of it in the final realization. I wanted to respect that initial impulse. With the amazing assistance of Shape Studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn, we were able to fabricate it. They produced a beautiful color coordinated construction drawing set and everyone was excited to see this 20 feet tall folly erected in the middle of a field. I studied Architecture at Pratt Institute (Class of 2007) but I quickly redirected my interest after entering the field as I wanted to work more spontaneously. View more View full description
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