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Mr. X, the fictitious name of the client, was a former creative director from an international agency. He started a new page for his career by forming his own company with several other colleagues. During his search for the new office, he has seen a lot of places with typical glass-partitioned meeting rooms, managers’ offices, and rows of working desks. He reflected on his past agency life in the large corporation and understood that was not a working space that he was looking forward to. Hence, with the same amount of budget, he found a much larger unit inside an old industrial building and commissioned us to turn it into his ideal office. The industrial building which the office is currently located at - Kenning Industrial Building was completed in 1986 and was part of the later industrial development in Hong Kong. Instead of having large units with column-free space, it is made of relatively smaller units for light industries which make it perfect to be turned into small offices. Walking along with the cold and depressing industrial setting in the corridor, guests will be able to see glimpses of plants, books, and magazines past the strips of wood on the door and be welcomed by the different and warm atmosphere sipping out from the slots. View more View full description
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