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O2 COFFEE Project is situated in Hue city,on an area of ​​120 m2 with two sides connecting, respectively, a road and a large lake. The land’s location is in a residential area with special cultural and historical characteristics – a residential area next to "Dai Noi"- Hue Imperial Citadel.  “Dai Noi” is the common name of the fortress whose function is to protect important palaces of the old feudal dynasty of Vietnam (19th- 20th century). It has been recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage in Vietnam. The project is located in an area with a distinctive identity with a lot of cultural heritage in the need of preservation and development, especially the heritage of aesthetics and architecture. Therefore, the design team chose the approach that the project still has an inextricable link with the indigenous elements, the context of the land area where the building was built, and at the same time, is consistent with the selective orientation of future development. Vietnam is a tropical monsoon climate country and Hue, based on its geographical features, should have a rather harsh climate (high temperatures in summer and cold winters with prolonged rain). View more View full description
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