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Located in the suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon, in a highly-populated area, the plot benefits of a green neighborhood which makes it rare in the urban tissue. The triangular shape plot is surrounded by a three stars' hotel from its rear side, an "evergreen" land from its secondary boundary, whereas the main road elongates its prime elevation. The 16 units building consists of small-sized apartments, 2 and 3 bedrooms' units, not exceeding 160 square meters per unit and targeted for young middle-class couples. Due to the site's unusual shape, the building was conceived in an "L" shape, which gives the opportunity of having on its wider façade and lateral elevation big openings in relation with the context and from the rear side of the building, a patio that serves as a source of light to the apartments. The process started with a regular, "L" geometry, followed by a series of fragmentations. The mass becomes extruded volumes. Disparate openings of all sizes randomly positioned, create framed views on the green scenery. Loggias and balconies with depressed accessible flowerbeds act as an extension of the green surroundings towards the internal functions. View more View full description
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