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Hüga, happiness in small things. The idea. Hüga was born from the Danish concept Hygee. This idea has become the life philosophy of thousands of people around the world. For them, achieving happiness does not mean having fortunes or an infinity of material things, just by being in a cozy place and living peacefully. The encounter with oneself, with family, with friends, is valued. It is on this concept that our interest is born to be able to develop a unique, different project that combines a set of ideas with great potential, fused in design, construction, and marketing. The team. Hüga is the result of 24 months of work by a multidisciplinary team of professionals from Córdoba. Through a dedicated research and development process, a product with high standards in design and technology was achieved, extremely versatile that can be quickly adapted to the changes of those who inhabit it. Art, technology, and real state came together so that Hüga can become our home of the future. View more View full description
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