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Now that we’re all spending much more time inside due to the pandemic, we’ve had a chance to truly understand and appreciate the significant impact that windows can have on a space. Views, sun angles, and orientation of windows are all important considerations when designing a new building - and as pleasant as it is to have a connection to the outdoors, windows can also cause issues like glare and heat gain. Of course no one wants a building with windows only on one side or to have the blinds shut constantly to be able to see their computer screen, so one versatile architectural solution is to shade windows using architectural wire mesh. Effectively cutting the heat gain from windows without blocking views, wire mesh also provides an aesthetically interesting facade. The way that different lighting conditions interact with the wire mesh creates a variable, versatile facade. In direct sunlight from the exterior, it appears as a shimmering, metallic, relatively opaque facade. At night, however, the mesh becomes more translucent, especially when backlit to create even more visual interest. All the while, from the interior, the view angle from eye level allows for a relatively unobstructed view. Due to the geometry and openness of the wire mesh and sun angles, incident solar radiation and heat gain are filtered out, but the openings in the material still allow daylight, views, and even fresh air to pass through. View more View full description
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