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Misci comes from miscegenation, the basis of Brazilian identity. Miscegenation is the crossing of ethnicities; brazing; miscegenation; mixture. Brazil, territory resulting from a great meeting of peoples, cultures and beliefs. Based on this context and revealing a very lucid position, Misci's project explores Brazilian culture in a subliminal way. With a simple design, the project makes a sophisticated allusion to the aesthetics of vernacular constructions, with earthy colors and textures, “Terracal rescues the appearance, transparency, staining, aging and velvety touch of lime”, as described by Terracor. It was chosen to leave all plans using the same color and working the lighting in the negative footer, we bring the lightness that the project asked for in the face of the strongly stated context. With red, the sidewalk and the staircase stood out, which we decided to keep as it was, with the same railing and solid wood floor. Red ladder also has its own meanings: red is the color of blood, the common color in everyone. There is only one race, the one with red blood. Brazil was born from red, in the exploration of a specific Brazilian wood (Pau Brasil) used for dyeing fabric in Europe. In plants we understand the transformations: we created an entrance hall, the toilet became a dressing room, loose walls bring volume and light game and shadow inside the box and in the dressing room, the straight wall turned into curve, and speaking of a curve, the organic forms however “Solid” subtly translates into the architecture the representation of women in the brand's creative process. View more View full description
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