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Ocoxal House is located in the forest bordering Valle de Bravo, 160 kilometres from Mexico City, on a 9,000m2 lot of land that functions as a productive microsystem and in which the house is integrated in a respectful manner. The shape of the main house is born from a geometry of superimposed volumes through which the void is inhabited. The formal composition evokes the traditional houses in Valle de Bravo, the image of the cabin with a gabled roof proposes a reinterpretation of this iconography with a contemporary aesthetic achieved thanks to the black sheet on the facade, the concrete and the glass. The upper volume contains the family's private living spaces, while the lower volume contains semi-private spaces, such as guest bedrooms. In the void generated by the intersection of these volumes, there are shared spaces that allow a relationship between the interior and the exterior, promoting contemplation of the wilderness and an understanding of the ecosystem. The project is not only a family leisure home but an exhaustive creative exercise focused on responding to all functional requirements and giving value to the whole, starting from observing and understanding the role of each element present in the space of this intervention. View more View full description
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