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Stefano Boeri Interiors has unveiled images of his latest circular wooden installation, in an open-air setting of contemporary art. Entitled TREE-ROOM, the project in which “humans and living nature come together, between meditation and contemplation”, is designed for Arte Sella and is located in the garden of Villa Strobele in Val di Sella, in Northern Italy. Blending into its environment, adapting to its context surrounded by greenery, TREE-ROOM, a circular structure of 12 meters in diameter, embraces three trees, the symbol of the forests that were swept away by the Vaia storm, on October 29th in 2018. In fact, the installation “seems to hover from the ground evoking a cyclical typical image of Nature, […] underlining a new alliance between living nature and human being”. TREE-ROOM generates various levels, from which it is possible to admire the living nature and the surrounding. A private room for meditation and an open-air theatre, the visually permeable installation creates a game of lights and shadows. View more View full description
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