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The conversion and refurbishment of the property at Alter Wall 2-32, directly adjacent to the Hamburg Town Hall, has been completed to designs by gmp von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects on behalf of Art-Invest Real Estate. The urban design context has been reestablished and extended. New pedestrian pathways and a traffic-calmed boulevard have been created; the historic architecture of the whole street has been revived. On October 9, 2020, as the last stage of the comprehensive undertaking, a flagship store opens at the end of the row of buildings, revealing building elements that had been concealed for a long time. The client, Art-Invest Real Estate, purchased the entire row of buildings in 2014 with the objective to reestablish a lively ambiance at this prime location in the center of the city—an ambiance that had formerly been so characteristic of the Große Burstah in the Nikolaiviertel and of Alter Wall between Rathausmarkt and Adolphsplatz in front of the stock exchange. During the architectural competition and in dialog with the client, Hamburg’s town planners, and the preservation officers, gmp developed the architectural and urban design concept for a comprehensive conversion of the city block, which enjoys protection as a historic monument. View more View full description
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