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Munkevilla: a vision of sustainable architecture respecting nature and creating pure life quality.  Inspired by the beautiful scenery Munkevilla reacts to the surroundings on its unique property. The ensemble of the roofs reflect the mountains. Three of four are green sedum roofs giving back to nature, what was taken from it. Dandelion, chive growing there are used for salads and other homemade dishes. The whole building is covered with silver grey wooden cladding changing its look according to weather and light conditions, which makes the building blend into the landscape. Thermowood treated with only heat and steam is very stable and non-toxic, an important criteria for a façade close to salt water. Concrete walls in the front and the floating balcony minimize the footprint of the house towards the seaside to keep the coastline as natural as possible. Naturally local vegetation defines the area from the level of the first floor down to sea level. View more View full description
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