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Adjaye Associates has recently designed a project in Niamey, Niger to honor all those that lost their lives in the fight against terrorism on the country’s southern and western borders. The Martyrs Memorial is in fact “tangible documentation of the continuous fight against extremist entities and the soldiers who have fallen in the process”. Conceiving the Architecture, Landscape, and Interiors, Adjaye Associates imagined a 4000 m² tribute in the capital of Niger, including a memorial, new urban plaza, and multi-use civic gathering space. Located within the heart of the city, on a raised triangular plot, the design of the project “leverages its site to create a gently inclined plane framing the monument against the sky to create an experience that removes one from every day of the city”. In collaboration with Steensen Varming for Sustainability & Lighting Design, the Martyrs Memorial generates “a labyrinth of abstraction”, through a rhythmic interplay of light, shadow, and geometries. In addition, the effect of the underground maze is amplified by a 20-meter high forest of pillars that blends with the shading canopy of trees on both sides of the project. The building transforms into “a sacred space that honors the dead and acts in service to the living”. View more View full description
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