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Halloween is a holiday that centers on space and ritual. Most likely originating from Celtic harvest festivals, Halloween is tied to processions like trick-or-treating, as well as history and spatial stories. The holiday celebrates imagined settings, characters, and events. In similar celebrations like Mexico's Día de Muertos, people gather in unlikely places; cemeteries and graveyards become the backdrops to picnics and celebrations. There, families offer flowers and food to deceased relatives as they celebrate history and the lives of loved ones. This year, the coronavirus has changed the ways we gather and celebrate together, and holidays are their own thread of this story. As the CDC outlines, there are certain activities that are commonplace on Halloween, and they have grouped them into lower, moderate, and higher-risk activities. They suggest a range of ideas, from decorating your house, apartment, or living space to participating in virtual scavenger hunts and costume contests. Taking inspiration from a holiday with ties to architecture and urbanism, the following Halloween-themed articles and projects look back on our coverage at a time when holidays are taking on new forms. View more View full description
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