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Architectural visualizations are only as good as the scene they’re placed into. No matter how fantastic your building model, if it's placed in an environment constructed of low-quality, low-poly assets, it’s not going to shine. That’s one of the reasons architects and designers have long turned to Quixel Megascans to give context to their archviz scenes. Founded in 2011 in Uppsala, Sweden, Quixel has a very simple mission: to capture the entire world. How? By building a CG asset collection of everything that exists in real life. Quixel Megascans is the largest and fastest-growing library of 3D scans in the world. In it, you’ll find the highest-quality photorealistic assets available on the market. “We're incredibly obsessed with quality, and so we have these internal pipelines that allow us to capture an insane amount of detail,” says Quixel’s Director Teddy Bergsman Lind. View more View full description
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