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By fostering a hundred years of traditions of living in the remarkable historical city of Vilnius, where the expressive environment and man-made architectural ensemble, were combined, the creation of a unique residential urban-architectural park, was started. It is UNESCO-protected area, located in the Old Town of Vilnius Lithuania, where the industry has existed for many years, in the valley of the Vilnelė River, which stands out on its slopes combined with specific characteristics, and constraints while offering residents an exceptional quality, of life. The new district was divided, into separate quarters, which were designed by different architectural offices from Lithuania. The Riverside courtyard quarter becomes like a gate, a transition from the old city to the newly shaped part. Therefore, while developing concept design, we concentrated on synergetic interfaces and interconnection with the environment and human, we aimed to use its unique features of the existing site. One of the exclusive characteristics of the Old Town is the gabled A shape roof - the multi-faceted silhouettes formed by it, harmoniously merging with the hills and river slopes and bends. We also applied this feature in our designed complex, where the undulating outlines of the volumes pass to each other in ascending curves, moving away from the old town and the river. View more View full description
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