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The design for this house was derived as framing of outdoor space, the architecture a backdrop for the family’s engagement with the garden. Stripping the architectural language back to white rendered planes, this project became an exploration into enclosing the basic rituals of domestic life within restrained building forms. Like so many suburban sites, this one offered challenges with its size and orientation, particularly with its north-facing front garden. The house was explored as a single object within the site punctured with an internal garden. This approach enabled the new dwelling to turn its back on the adjoining properties, which are all in close proximity, and internalize the house to create its own views and aspect. Breaking the form centrally allowed the northern light to enter both the site and the building form, without compromising either visual or acoustic privacy from the street.  Our brief was to place as much significance on the landscape and outdoor spaces as to any of the internal living spaces. Our early workshops established that the landscape was to become not just the surrounds of the architecture but central to it. Capturing the northern light and achieving a high level of privacy was also paramount. View more View full description
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