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Goseong-gun is surrounded by naturally formed mountains to the north, and borders the sea to the south. Geologically, South Korea's southern coast has features of the ria coast. In particular, Danghangpo, which is adjacent to the site, is located in a narrow coastal area and is blocked from outside. As nearby islands block the waves, the average wave height is less than 0.5m and is famous for the calm sea like a lake. The site is adjacent to Danghangpo National Tourist Complex to the west, Nobel Country Club to the north and Danghangpo Sea to the south. As the chairman of the Gyeongsangnam-do Yacht Association, the client started the project to contribute to the development of marine sports by planning a marina facility in Danghangpo utilizing his yachts. Program. Marina facilities generally consist of water and land facilities. Merry Monarch Marina Club is made up of moorings where yachts can be docked, amenities such as club house, coffee shop, pool villas and guest houses. Pine The pool villas site is located on a coastal slope and has a small pine colony that seems to have served as a windbreak. Especially, there are many old pine trees that are more than 10m long. Large pine trees are more likely to die if transplanted, and the cost is also high. Above all, leaving old traces of the site, the project was carried out with a design strategy to preserve pine trees for the coexistence of nature and architecture. Exposed concrete Exposed concrete is unsophisticated, rugged, and goes well with the surrounding natural environment. In addition, it is resistant to sea wind and rain, and it shows the properties of the material as time goes by. View more View full description
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