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Human impacts on Earth are a common issue nowadays, and many people say that there is no turning back. Climate crisis, greenhouse gases, exploitation of natural resources, production of solid waste and atmospheric pollution are some of the most pressing issues that the global community must address if we want to ensure a sound future for the next generations. These topics can be viewed in full-color and high-definition in the new book Overview Timelapse: How We Change the Earth, by Benjamin Grant and Timothy Dougherty, which compiles 250 satellite and drone photographs of places on Earth that are in constant transformation. The book explores human activity on the planet from three central perspectives: Civilization, Utilization, and Reaction. A unique selection of images illustrates the changes caused by sprawling cities, intense consumption, huge infrastructures developed for transporting goods and people, and nature's reactions to the excessive use of its resources. We are offered a collection of powerful imagery that shows an alarming present and a possibly terrifying future. View more View full description
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