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Text description by Niharika Joshi. For an office space to be shared and jointly occupied by a young couple engaged in diverse professions, Intrinsic Designs has created a workspace that effortlessly fuses design needs, while also allowing for individual identities to emerge. The space to be shared equally by a fashion designer along with a chartered accountant’s office called for an unconventional design approach. The ‘Curve & Dashes’ is a 450sq.ft commercial office space with a single opening for natural light, along the shorter side of the rectangular layout. Within this setting, the designers were faced with the challenge of distributing natural daylight equally between the two distinct workspaces of a fashion design studio in  and a chartered accountant’s office. Here, fabricated elliptical curves and gently curved edges are carved out to enhance the narrow space, and create maximum possible utility. For instance, the changing area at the fashion studio, enveloped by a “soft wall” of opaque curtains running on a thin black MS pipe is essentially an ellipse that informs the geometry of the staff desks behind it. Next to the changing area ,a display niche, with rounded edges and soft lines is enfolded at an angle. The fundamental intent for the fashion studio was for the ethnic design-wear to be prominent against a neutral, clutter less background.  View more View full description
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