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"The house is what closes to repair [...] and is closing around an opening" S. Petrosino The house will be built on a 300 square meter plot at the bottom of a cul-de-sac. Designing a villa in its "classic" shape meant having the building in the middle of the plot and the view on the backs or sides of nearby houses, with a garden that is the result of the gap between the house and the boundary wall. In the Senegalese culture the patio, the space "between" the street’s exposure and the room’s intimacy is an essential element of local life and culture.  The patio is a safe meeting place where all members of the house can talk, relax and enjoy the community. Flipping the house’s volume allows to put back the collective space, the patio, into a “central” position for living. The project, in doing so, gives his back to the others houses’ back and recreates a protected environment and filter between the street and the room: an opening around a closure. The house is spread over 3 levels: the back and forth of the volumes is depending on the bedroom spaces. A balcony holds all the spaces together allowing the view on the patio for the upper levels. On the ground floor the living room and kitchen overlooking, throughout its length, the Patio. On the first and second floors bedrooms with other common spaces for the family share the space.  View more View full description
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