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In the past Hangzhou, there were lots of entertainment spaces and private clubs around West Lake, today, with the development of counter-urbanization, some of them have been renovated and opened again. It became the biggest challenge in this project that how to balance commerce and the excellent natural location. Parlor means living room in French. The Client has a professional background in jewelry design, she wants the space to be more like a living room instead of a normal shop and with a function that could provide with flexible display for particular jewelry pieces. At the beginning of the design, we had a thorough understanding of jewelry brands present by the client. Each jewelry, with its unique shape, texture, and way of wearing, shows their individual personality. Say takes this opportunity to personify the jewelry, they are the users of the space. Say created a three level living room in the space: the outer hall, the middle room, and the inner chamber. View more View full description
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