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Building12 is a standalone retail mall nestled in the heart of the massive Qplex commercial development in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. Encircled by a ring of eleven residential, hotel and towers, Building12 is the natural philosophical center and pulse of the entire development. The design intent places a heavy emphasis on establishing Building12 as a communal center, not just for the Qplex development but also for the number of residential communities around it  To do that, Building12 needs to be more than just another shopping mall. The design process began with the task of reimagining a commercially focused building typology into one that is also community driven. The idea of a public park serves as the starting premise because of its natural platform as a community node. A park also offers an opportunity to project a powerful visual image on an urban scale, while simultaneously encouraging users to discover their individual and unique relationships with it. View more View full description
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