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The window is the architectural element that satisfies our innate need to relate to the outside space, providing us with ventilation and light. The more extensive and clean the window is, the greater the sensation of "being outside". Consequently, opening up spaces to the outside has become a common requirement for people who want and need to inhabit flexible, adaptable spaces, in contact with the air and nature. There are many ways to do this, but not all of them allow an airtight enclosure to become fully open and continuous, clearing the boundaries between both spaces. In order to optimize interior spaces and blur its physical limits, Vitrocsa has developed the Turnable Corner technology, which consists of the integration of large glass panels that slide around corners using pivoting bearings. This allows the panels to be completely removed from view, freeing up front and corner space. The panels can reach an area of up to 10 m2 (300 kg) using single double glazing. View more View full description
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