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A curved space and a three-pronged space - Two houses starting from one parcel use the same area, the same cost, the same materials, and the same vocabulary, but the methodology that reveals the characteristics of the space starts differently. Depending on the layout on the site, each building responds differently, but it is developed in different ways depending on the relationship with the road and the surrounding site. The layout of the two houses is established by the shape of the ground and the way they are in contact with the road, and they share an internalized external space that can be met together. However, the experiences of the space in the two houses are different. In the curved house, the entrance starts from the road, and the shape of the space is linear, and the pronged house is formed as a space spreading in three directions from the center of the building, with the entrance formed through the middle yard. The curved house has an outward-oriented character so that one can see the outside in various directions, and a small courtyard is placed in the middle to complement it. Conversely, a pronged house is an interior-oriented structure and spreads to each space through the widest central space. View more View full description
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