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MO DE MOVIMIENTO is a shared leadership model that seeks balance between the profitability of its projects and a positive social and environmental impact. Its beginnings lie with a restaurant space designed in 2018 to drive a conscious change, in tune with a new definition of our relationship to cities. This process began in January 2019 with the deconstruction of what was once the EFE Agency's recording studio in Madrid, and before that, the Espronceda Theater.  The restaurant was renovated at the same time the former space was demolished, improvising in real time and innovating based on testing, learning, reinterpretation and experimentation. MO consists of a holistic and positive focus on sustainability. It measures the life cycle, circularity and residual impact, beginning with the very first decision. All elements of design were developed with a desire to follow and contribute to MO's values. Decisions were made in cross-cutting fashion, always in dialogue with the construction, sustainability, engineering and landscaping experts. The design process was a negotiation process to counterbalance the fragile equilibrium between sustainability and functionality, regulations and innovation and aesthetics and implementation. View more View full description
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