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Part of New York’s Recovery Agenda, to keep the city safe and healthy, the Open Restaurants program established in June of this year was extended year-round, to be made permanent. In fact, Mayor de Blasio has allowed restaurants to use heating and enclosures, and expand seating to adjacent properties with neighbors’ consent. This extension will also apply to Open Streets: Restaurants, “which currently offers restaurants expanded space on 85 car-free streets citywide on certain days”. With more than 10,300 establishments enrolled, and 90,000 jobs saved, The Open Restaurants program is part of New York City’s long-term recovery, to help bring back the city’s economy. On that note, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that “Open Restaurants was a big, bold experiment in supporting a vital industry and reimagine our public space. And it worked […] as we begin a long-term recovery, we’re proud to extend and expand this effort to keep New York City the most vibrant city in the world. It’s time for a new tradition”. In collaboration with the City Council, regulatory changes will be made to make the program permanent. Read on to discover the newest additions to the guidelines. View more View full description
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