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There are some typical impressions of Shanghai the Cool Docks Waterhouse, its industrial heritage, 30s architecture, internet famous hotels, and its service facilities. How do we incorporate innovations along with embracing its past, giving it a new definition, setting new direction and service as open space? In June, the old dock warehouse hotel has paused its operation for the upcoming renovation. Sunyat Architects took up the micro-renovation for its boiler room which marks the beginning of interpretation of designs under the new social context. Social landscaping, "rebellion" in the landscape society. Large Scale Landscape constructions that embody a new form of the social environment have been the norm during Chinese urban development. The accumulation of massive urban landscapes will inversely strengthen the rapidly constructed social relations. French situationist Guy Debord has defined landscape as "The spectacle is not a collection of images, but a social relation among people, mediated by images. It is a “landscape” of representation, and a “landscape” based on objects and people. The expansion of Water House is part of the larger initiative of the renovation project. View more View full description
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