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From a Disused Space to a Women’s Shelter   A Confined and Narrow Site - The site was located near the crossroads of Sanggye Elementary School in Nowon-gu. To the south, there is a bustling commercial area facing Sanggye-ro road, whereas to the north there is a residential area in which multi-family houses are concentrated. The area was only 211m2, and an L-shape, where an approximately 4m-wide expanse followed the road to turn inward lengthways for about 13m. The zone that turned inward was surrounded on all sides by five different buildings. In many respects, the site conditions were unfavorable. When I first visited the site, one that seemed to have been vacant for a long time, there was a temporary building dedicated to sanitation workers to allow to take short breaks. Nowon-gu Office wanted to establish a women’s education center here, which would focus on enhancing women’s literacy and accommodating various activities for the higher educational community. In order to make this disused space a welcoming shelter for women, it is needed an architectural proposal. View more View full description
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