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Located in Pohang, an industrial city in South Korea well known as the hometown of Posco, a global steel company. The original house is located in a neighborhood where Posco built single-family houses as the residences for its employees in the 1980s. They provided a brick house prototypical design as the model for this town, many of which have been recently replaced for newer and bigger houses. Since the original brick house has been the client’s home for over a decade, the strategy for a new extension is to keep the original house as-is, while building a new structural system that can support a vertical extension. The challenge was to provide minimum support on the ground so that the new support only has a minimum intervention with the fragile original brick home at ground level. To address this challenge, a structural table was conceptualized as floating over the old house and having a minimum number of columns situated in the middle zone of the existing house so as to leave the original conditions as pristine as possible. View more View full description
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