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Valentino Gareri has proposed a sustainable and modular educational building for the new post COVID-19 era. Entitled Tree-House School, the project reinforces the relationship with nature, with connected outdoor and indoor spaces. As schools around the world re-open, Gareri believes that “primary importance should be given to educational buildings”, after the great lockdown. Introducing a new point of view, the architect proposes an intervention that embraces “the ability-to-sustain the new condition where the pandemic put the entire society in”. The Tree-House School combines different educational buildings together, such as kindergarten, primary and secondary school, while maintaining their own independence. Looking at a bigger scale, a community center, an urban plaza, a café, and a library are included in the scheme, offering spaces for the entire community. In fact, “the building is operable 24h and becomes an important civic reference and opportunity for the requalification of suburbs and rural areas”. View more View full description
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