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The compositional logic of the structure propose a spatial dynamics where the services are clustered to give freedom to other spaces. A brick vault, one horizontal plane, six opaque vertical planes, and two planes built with glass bricks spatially constitute the project. The geometric sequence of the modulation works as a connector and articulator from the inside to the outside. The materials expose their bare texture and their peculiar colors. The spaces that are expanded to the outside project sequences of appropriation of the surrounding landscape, stemming from some systems of flexible relations suggested by the free modules. The building highlights local architectures, by means of processes that resignify traditional elements. Research on small suburban houses. The houses are located on the outskirts of the town center. The land occupation strategy focuses on the disposal of reduced surfaces on a more extensive modular grid. A system of galleries or patios is appealed as transitional spaces with the objective of producing all kinds of possible intermediate situations between what we consider purely interior spaces and those that are exterior.  An elementary language is sought. the functional arrangement focuses on amplifying spaces of minimum surface, qualifying them with multiple textures and possibilities of use. View more View full description
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