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Art is the color, the shape, and the tune that translate human emotions (happiness, grief, hope etc.) into form. Art is a dialogue between an artist, society, and history. It expresses the tension between what we think and what we feel. Art influences society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences. Visual Art is all art that can be perceived by the eye. The visual arts are art forms such as painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, video, filmmaking, design, crafts, and architecture. Art has evolved and grown into various movements and styles with the passage of time. But the traditional art gallery- a sterile, windowless viewing room/space/alley has dominated the art world for decades as the primary way to display works. The artificial and rigid nature of the modern-day gallery makes it elitist and inaccessible for common people to be exposed to art. The pandemic has further made it more difficult to use the closed, confined linear galleries for viewing art. View more View full description
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