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When we talk about natural or man-made spaces, the void immediately comes into play. This is understood as that matter that is untouched and that allows living the experience of inhabiting. The photography of the artist Simone Bossi narrates the qualities of the space creating atmospheres that allow a new reading on the emptiness. His work, through the intangible, challenges us and takes us to our personal and subjective experiences. It evokes a subtlety and warmth that awakens the senses, prompting us to reflect through a discovery of the sublime. His vision invites contemplation, thus transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary. Martita Vial (MV): What is it for you to capture the emptiness experience? Simone Bossi (SB): The weight of the emptiness is what I am interested in. I have been always fascinated by the idea that emptiness is never empty at all, if you look at insistently, but the space where life and emotions can be projected into. By getting closer and closer to its essence, I am trying to reveal something I feel but I am still not able to define it. In this way, emptiness helps me to activate an introspective process I will understand, if necessary, only later in the future. Sharing this experience represents only one of the infinite possibilities to manifest a human being, different for each of us. I like to think that there is no need to define the idea of emptiness but what I see will be something unclearly still open enough to leave in the other eyes what they need to see. Emptiness suddenly becomes extremely powerful and a photograph becomes the beginning of a relationship between me, the space and the viewer; a kind of relationship that will flow in any unpredictable and personal direction. View more View full description
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