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Rojkind Arquitectos has revealed a "mourning claim" memorial proposal for coronavirus victims. The design project led by Michel Rojkind, Arturo Ortíz Struck, and Diego Díaz Lezama has initially envisioned the memorial both in New York City's Times Square and Mexico City's Zocalo. "We are claiming the act of mourning. We can at least take care of that, of building symbols where we can place the testimony of our life and the lives of others," stated the authors. Description by Arturo Ortíz Struck: We question the notion of hospitality and the possibility of welcoming others without an imposed representation of the world, without a narrative setting a reality around an individual understanding of things. We should stop idealizing others in our terms.We worry about the way a pandemic disease could bring societies under state power andsystematic surveillance, a situation in which humans can be seen as objects to be managed, but sovereignty over our bodies is just a liberal illusion. We think that the ethical problem with abiopolitical view, is that life cannot be managed View more View full description
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