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Basdban, designed by dongqi Architects, is located on the first floor of a historical building in Shanghai that has lived through several renovations. The design of this project is supported by close collaboration between the brand founder, baristas, roasters, graphic designers, structural engineers, constructors, and the dongqi team, in an effort to create a comprehensive space accommodating coffee, roasting, retail, and event functions. dongqi carefully selected and preserved the traces leaving by ages of renovations. Customised stainless steel with extreme craftsmanship was used as the major material for the newly built part. Meanwhile, 6mm-thick horizontal steel plates run through the entire space, merging the new design into this old building in a restrained manner. The rectangular space in the middle is defined as a flexible multi-functional area that allows dining, events, or other uses. A stainless steel rail system is introduced to highlight the boundaries of the area. Accommodating functions such as lighting, monitoring, and metal curtains that divide different areas, the rails are symmetrically distributed along with the columns and beams. The lower layer of the rails is used for metal curtains, which can either be put away around the columns or pulled open to separate the space freely. This stainless steel rail system is gracefully hung near the ceiling of the area, whose historical traces are left unvarnished. View more View full description
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