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The project is located in Serra, a small rural community within the ‘Mato’ biosphere in the State of Maranhão. It consists of the extension and refurbishment of an existing building to up-scale the production of babassu flour produced by an 18-women group of ‘quebradeiras de coco de babassu’. The ‘quebradeiras’ are women that collect and hand-break babassu coconuts to obtain oil and flour. Babassu from the quebradeiras ends up in bread, cakes, cleaning materials, cosmetics, drinks, handicrafts, margarine, porridge, and soap. The project aims to improve the production facilities by extending the existing building, upgrading materials, and re-arranging the internal layout to meet hygienic certification. The produce can be commercialized more extensively increasing the economic return for the group of women. View more View full description
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