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This article was originally published on Common Edge. As planners who regularly engage everyday citizens in the planning process, we like to start by having people build their favorite childhood memories with found objects. Most often, these memories are joy-infused tales of the out-of-doors, nature, friends, family, exploration, freedom. Rarely do these memories have much to do with technology, shopping, driving, watching television, and so many of the other things that seem to clutter up our daily lives. But then again, these are folks who have known a world that has been—at least for part of their lives—screen- and smartphone-free.  Occasionally, an older workshop participant will say, “I’m really worried about the younger generations—that their only childhood memories will be from their phones and iPads.” One woman went so far as to say we would have to change the workshop format for young people altogether, as their memories would eventually all be the same: screens, video games, social media. View more View full description
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