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A room for wine lovers - Architects usually have to deal with many conditions given by clients, especially when designing a house, because it directly affects people's life. They spend large amount of money in building it and then spend many hours in it once it is built. On the contrary, this project involved few conditions given by our client, because this room would be used as his "second home" and "lounge" for private gatherings and he only needed very basic life functions. His only request for us was to design a "place to enjoy good wine with close friends" and a "table made of solid wood." Fortunately, the site was formerly a VIP room of a French restaurant and there was a space where a wine cellar had been located. We took it as a starting point and designed a large wine cellar there. The wine cellar is enclosed in glass so that guests sitting at a large solid chestnut dining table can see wine bottles inside. The glass partition is fixed in place using brass battens like a greenhouse. We also designed a bookshelf to be placed near the large dining table so that books may present fun topics for good conversations over wine. View more View full description
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