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Snøhetta, Studio Gang and Henning Larsen have unveiled their designs for the new Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library in North Dakota. The teams were selected from 12 firms, and the final design will be made to respond to the ecology of the Badlands. The three proposals showcase integrated architecture and landscape approaches designed to celebrate Theodore Roosevelt’s life.  As the Henning Larsen + Nelson Byrd Woltz design team states, their design is inspired by the rich landscapes of the North Dakotan Badlands, united by Theodore Roosevelt’s legacy, and rooted in the community of Medora. "Our vision for the project is rooted in the landscape and community that Roosevelt came to love – a landscape and community as rich and resilient today as it was when Roosevelt lived in it nearly 150 years ago." The design fuses the landscape and building with four volumes, each a formal reference to the geography of the Badlands. View more View full description
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