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The program is located on a 660 m2 lot, facing northeast with a 22 m wide front and a 30 m  depth, next to what will be the Autograph by Mariott Hotel on the street Calle Josefina Orozco in the city of San Miguel de Allende. All the way form the access it transmits the desired comfort of the user with a side parking lot in front of the building. Entering the enclosure you are greeted by the textures of the project, leaving behind a brutalist facade with a modest access. On the right side is the store of 105 m2 under the textures of a reticulated slab of reusable coffers, leaving gaps and supporting the exposed lighting illuminating the shelves as well as the cheese sale area. Further, a niche frames the cheese maturation cellar. If you want to continue to the café or ascend to the office you can follow this corridor. In case you didn't enter through the shop you can continue the exterior route leading to the entrance and continuing the corridor to your table and seating area. The interesting exterior route is a slat partition walker cut into squares equivalent to half of the standard size (14x14). At the bottom on your left-hand side, while continuing advancing, you see a sloping wooden roof, reticulated by the edges, supported by wooden pillars and compacted tepetate panels giving clarity to the exterior area. Some diners move around admiring this beauty and enjoying the garden under a leafy tree. 75m2 of the café is covered by a sloping roof, containing tables and the customer service area, in addition, a small loft room and the bathroom are located under the stairwell, this block is lined with a sealed "carbon black" sheet giving an elegant touch to the slightly industrial context softened by its delicacy. A great detail is the continuity of the seam of the cut that is appreciated as a singular piece of art. View more View full description
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