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Our masterplan for the regeneration of the post-war Tarling Estate transformed the set of isolated buildings surrounded by asphalt and car parking into a clearly structured public realm of residential streets and squares; an active street-based urban fabric with four distinct urban blocks, delivering mixed-tenure and commercial uses. This re-integrated the estate back into the wider community of Shadwell and brought affordable large family homes back to the area. Our mixed-use residential building recasts the terraced row - a combination of apartments and a 21st Century reinterpretation of the archetypal British terrace house typology - in a form that best responds to today’s living requirements and the intensity of urban surroundings. The new homes provide generous outdoor amenities. The different types of spaces are located at different levels within each home so that the extended family and children can enjoy both privacy and family gatherings when necessary. The result is a new concept of family urban living in a tough inner-city environment - all for a standard social-housing construction budget. While it has been designed to help create a successful street in a socially and spatially fragmented site in central London, the deep ground-level plan could also suggest itself as a solution on top of deeper plan office or retail blocks as part of a mixed-function development. By orienting the dining area and kitchen toward the inner courtyard, several advantages emerge for family life. Adults can supervise secure play areas while preparing meals or overseeing homework. This organisation creates successful private outdoor space in challenging surroundings. View more View full description
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