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Kamimachi SIZEN-NO-KUNI Day Care Center “small pond” is an affiliate of Day Care Center “small village” completed in 2014 by the same client. “small village” was designed to serve as a future small village where people of various generation and culture gather and mingle in the context of a local community in Tadao, Machida city, a suburban area in western Tokyo. In this project, we conducted a fieldwork to study geography, history and urban planning of the vicinity, a densely populated residential district in the central Tokyo, which used to be wooded area by a creek one hundred years ago. The premises is on a lowland where rainwater streams in and a creek runs in culvert under the front road. We found out that this area has always had hydrophilic nature. The width of the front road is wide although it is not a principal road in terms of urban planning nor the district is not commercial (most probably because it used to be a creek), leaving rare open space toward the sky around the premises. Likening the name of the other affiliate day care center, its concept/ name was decided on “small pond”, in a hope that children be spontaneous as water gushing out from pond. View more View full description
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