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Charles Correa Foundation has recently released several snippets of ‘You & Your Neighbourhood’, Charles Correa’s 1955 Master Thesis at MIT, an animation film for which the architect was scriptwriter, animator, photographer and director. The thesis put forward the idea of a participatory process for the betterment of neighbourhoods, with a strong emphasis on creating a framework for improving urban conditions in a bottom-up approach.  The short pieces of film bear the atmosphere of the 50s cinematography and illustrate the efficiency of this medium when it comes to conveying urban design ideas in laymen terms. The videos briefly touch on questions such as Why do neighbourhoods fall into disrepair? or How can urban sprawl be contained?. The pieces of Charles Correa’s Master Thesis were brought forward in light of the Foundation’s fourth edition of Z-AXIS, a biennial conference which will take place in September, around the same topic: “You and Your Neighborhood”. With this occasion, the themes underlined by the Indian architect’s thesis will be explored further, through a series of lectures on how to uplift and improve neighbourhoods and through a design competition following the event. View more View full description
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