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The Enjoy House brand entrusted TL for the development of the new store facade, located at the intersection of Al Gabriel Monteiro da Silva with Av. Brasil, Jardins district in São Paulo. At the initial briefing, the brand's biggest concerns were with safety and visibility, because one of the store's neighbors is a public square with native trees with tall, closed treetops, which greatly darkened the region. TL implemented a facade with an intelligent architecture system, using translucent glass panels illuminated by led. The existing building is from 1930, which pass through a recent renovation, but did not comply with these needs.  To bring a faster solution and not interrupt the company’s operation, TL developed a modular coating project, allowing its installation at night. The glass plates, structured in a metallic “u” profile that cover the façade, adapt to environmental conditions and transform simultaneously. Through an automated programming, when the dusk begins, the lighting is activated and enhanced at evening. Another point raised by the Enjoy House brand is that they did not have a reception for customers, creating great discomfort for the public waiting for service. Therefore, the idea was to bring an acoustic overhead “box” at the entrance, with fabric seats, power plug and usb, in orange tint, the brand's identity color. This station allows the public to wait with greater comfort and functionality, being able to view the glass display, located in front, with a built-in TV monitor, showing products represented by the brand. View more View full description
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