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It is located in the Konosusan scenic area at an altitude of about 100m in the center of Fukuoka city. The flagpole-shaped site has a view and a quiet environment where the wind can escape, and from the east side, you can see the same scenery unique to the scenic area where you can worship the sunrise on Mt. Shioji. In the current situation where there are high walls in the neighborhood and houses with a few plants that meet the law are lined up in the garden, it is unlikely that the landscape will be rich even after many years.  Therefore, in this house, we decided to keep the building area to the minimum necessary for the site and to set up a spacious garden on the east side. The house is, of course, private for the owner, but the garden facing the outside is also a shared asset with the community. We also incorporated a lot of greenery into the eastern garden and alley-like approach that snuggle up to the room, and hope that by the time the trunk is thick and the leaves are overgrown, the architecture will be comfortable for passers-by. View more View full description
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