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As levels of pollutant emissions have increased over the years, awareness has also grown regarding actions that can be taken to minimize the damage caused to the planet. As a way to promote waste reduction or prevention, the 3 R's rule is created: reduce, reuse and recycle. These actions, together with sustainable consumption standards, have been promoted as a means to protect natural resources and minimize waste. The first rule of the 3 R's is Reduction, which is quite broad and can be understood as a reduction in materials, but also in energy consumption, waste, and above all, in the ecological footprint. In architecture, Reduction can be reflected, among other measures, in the use of non-polluting, durable, and recyclable materials; in the use of prefabrication to reduce construction rubble; and in the use of BIM to minimize errors, waste and improve the design and building processes. View more View full description
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