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This project is located in Hangzhou Zancheng Center, a building with square structure façade. It is adjacent to Qiantang River in the south, attracting many famous international companies to settle in for office. The owner is a company founder, who focuses on high-end clothing design and fabric R & D. With the development of business, a new space is needed to show the persistence and brand spirit of materials and fabrics. At the beginning of the project, designer Leo Hu and his design team, after many times of communication with the owner, focused on how to express the excellent fabric material and cutting through space and color. Leo Hu, the designer, hopes to use simple lines and devices to reshape the space and create a space integrating exhibition, reception and office. The simple color block and the space are separated by the use of design and customization materials make the large space not have a strong sense of regional function, and the body in it will not feel constrained. To create a space relaxing and comfortable, just like the comfortable wearing feeling brought by the high-end cutting materials. It will not feel constrained, but detached and comfortable. View more View full description
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