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While not all plastics are being recycled, even the ones that display the recycling sign, the global plastic waste problem is nowhere close to being resolved. Recycling, generally determined by factors like demand, legislations, and economy, takes on arguably around 20% of the annual production of plastics, leaving a large quantity unattended, doomed to last forever in our environment. In addition, competing with newly-produced materials, recycled plastics need to meet standards of quality and price, and undergo a sustainable, efficient, and economically viable transformation. ROGP or Rejects of Glass & Plastics Technology is an innovative approach that repurposes plastics, once labeled as non-recyclable materials due to technical complexity or economy-related issues. Offering a solution that meets technical, environmental and economic requirements for sustainable use of all 80+ types of plastic waste, including mixed plastics, this particular ROGP technology recycles plastics (all 7 major plastic codes) and glass (all types of glass) into a “durable and price competitive new material which has numerous applications”, especially in the construction industry.   View more View full description
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