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The Eagle Studio is a community for artist training located in Hangzhou. The 72,000 m2 campus is designed to accommodate over 3000 students as an intensive 8 months tuition preparing for the college entrance exam to tier-one arts institutions. We look to the building as a "dream factory", a spatial model for an arts community helping to fulfill the ambition of its temporary users. Idea Concept. This factory required to focus on many of the places and spaces in-between art-centered activities focusing on emotions relating to the study, compete, dwell, and to dream. We hope to facilitate the best opportunities for social exchange for students. Bringing together the social values of a campus masterplan, the idea was to optimise the social experience and programme exchange at any point on the campus. Where activities such as class studying, studio painting, lectures, dining, sports, and resting, are interlocked and dispersed into the public realm. This way visual links and architectural gestures can act subliminally to prompt interaction, communication and identity through shared purpose. The building should be seen as a three-dimensional grid where an effort has been made to fundamentally blur the interior and exterior boundaries. Being neither inside nor outside, a permanent state of transition is cultivated. View more View full description
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